Networking Basics : TASK 14.1

Setting up the topology such that A can ping to B and C computer and vice but B can’t ping to C.

A can ping to B and C and vice-versa, But B and C can’t ping to each other

The above scenario can be achieved using using some basic networking skills , such as updating routing table, concepts of subnets and network id….

Flush up all the default entries of Routing Table :

We have deleted the internet connectivity entry from routing table
This means we will not able to ping to internet now

We have assigned IP to Computer A
also added network ID :

Now if we try to ping internet , we can’t.Thus setup for A is ready now.

Here we would like to associate custom IP : to Computer B

Deleting routing entries in routing table , now we can’t ping to Internet as well as system A or C too…

Now adding routing table entries in computer B ,so that A can be pinged:

Similar setup has to be done in Computer C too…

Lets see how ?:

We have assigned IP : to NIC and deleted the routing table entry as done in computer B and A

Now adding network range , we are able to ping to IP that is of computer A but not the internet ..

Now all the three computer are configured as per asked scenario:

Lets have a look:

Thus , simple topology can be integrated knowing some basic skills of networking without specifying any firewall rules……

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